Author Sergei Guriyev

The Road to Market

The economic life of post-Soviet Russia

One of the most significant lacunae in the contemporary intellectual sphere in Russia is the lack of economic history. At the same time, economic history is the key to understanding not only the modern economy, but also the social reality that surrounds us today.

“The Pathway to the Market: The economic life of post-Soviet Russia” is a course led by one of the most distinguished Russian economists, Sergey Guriev. It explains how the modern Russian economy was created and who were its architects. It discusses the main events surrounding its inception, as well as those that have already been forgotten and acquired mythological status. What were the economic reforms? How were Russian companies, banks and tax system created? How did economic inequality form and billions of dollars appear? All this is examined in the course programme, providing the knowledge necessary in order to understand how to change the current rules of the game.


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