Damian Kudriavtsev

Damian Kudriavtsev

Entrepreneur, writer

Born 1971 in Leningrad.

1988–1990 — Master's Degree, Faculty of Journalism, Saint Petersburg State University.

1990–1992 — Master’s Degree, Faculty of Philology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

2006–2008 — Management degree from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art.

1994 — Co-founded Delta 3, one of the first IP telephony companies.

1996 — Co-founded one of the first national-scale Internet providers in Russia — Cityline.

2006–2012 — Director General of the Kommersant Publishing House.

2009 — Served on the board of directors of Telecominvest.

2015 — present — Owner of various publications from Business News Media ZAO — Vedomosti Newspaper, The Moscow Times, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review, Men’s Health and others.

Kudryavtsvev is the author of four books of poetry (1991, 2002, 2006, 2013) the novel “Twins” (2008), as well as publications on computing.

Lives in Moscow.