Sergei Medvedev

Sergei Medvedev

Political scientist

Born in 1966.

1988 — Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University.

1987–1988 — Studied at Charles University in Prague as part of an exchange programme.

1989–1990 — MA, International Relations, Columbia University in New York (School of International Relations and Public Policy (SIPA)).

1995 — PhD in History of International Relations and Foreign Policy, thesis on “European Politics of Pope John Paul II”.

1988–1998 — Researcher at the Institute of Europe, RAS.

1993–1994 — Visiting researcher at the Institute of International Relations, Rome.

1994–1999 — Visiting researcher at the Foundation for Science and Politics, Ebenhausen, Germany.

1996–1999 — Researcher and Head of the Russian programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki.

1999–2004 — Professor at the Marshall Centre for Security Studies, Germany.

2004–2015 — Professor at HSE, and in 2006–2013, deputy head of the Department of Applied Political Science at HSE.

Lives in Moscow.