Yulia Vymyatnina

Yulia Vymyatnina


1998–1999 MSc in Business Administration; Baltic Sea Management Academy, Gotland College of Higher Education, Stockholm University, Sweden.

2000–2003 MA in Economics (with distinction); European University at St. Petersburg, Department of of Economic Cybernetics.

2004–2008 Institute for Economics and Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences; PhD programme in Economics. PhD thesis defended on May 26th , 2009 (at St. Petersburg State University). Title of the thesis: “Monetary policy of the Bank of Russia at present stage”.

Since 2000 she has worked at the European University at St. Petersburg Department of Economics: project coordinator (2000–2002), senior lecturer (2003–2008), professor (since 2008), deputy dean of the faculty of economics (2005–2017), dean of the faculty of economics (since 2018).