Grigory Revzin

Grigory Revzin

Architectural critic

Born in 1964.

The author of the first monograph on the history of Russian neoclassicism and more than 50 scientific articles on the theory and history of architecture.

For 10 years Revzin worked at the Department of Russian Art History at Moscow State University, after which he went into journalism.

As a journalist Revzin has worked with Nezavisimaya and Segodnya newspapers.

Sincee 1996 he has acted as deputy editor-in-chief of the architectural magazine Project Russia and written as an architectural critic for Kommersant. As part of his work for the Kommersant Revzin launched a campaign against Yuri Luzhkov’ architecture which culminating in the book “Russian Architecture at the Turn of XX–XXI centuries”.

1999–2019 — Revzin published his own architectural magazine, “Proekt Classika” (Project Classic).

2000–2008 he was commissioner of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Since 2011 — Member of the Town Planning Council for Skolkovo Foundation.

Revzin is currently partner at KB Strelka, which advises the Moscow government on urban planning and is engaged in accompanying many metropolitan architectural competitions.

Lives in Moscow.