Pavel Arsenyev

Pavel Arsenyev

Philologist, poet

Born in 1986.

2010 — Graduated from Department of Philology and Arts of St. Petersburg State University. Received a master’s degree in Literary Theory (“A final attempt call a spade a spade: Literature of fact (as a part of productionist movement of 1920s in Soviet Russia)”).

2013–2014 — Student at the Department of Arts (Faculté des Lettres), University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Fellowship researcher at the Centre of Research of Comparative Epistemology of Linguistics of Central and Eastern Europe under the guidance of Patrick Seriot.

Participant of the Street University (2008–2012), organizer of the Poetry Festival on Kanonersky Island (2009, 2010, 2011), participant of the Laboratory of Poetic Actionism (2008–2012).

Editor-in-chief of the literary critical almanac “Translit” and curator of the program of events of the almanac since 2007.

Lives in St. Petersburg.