Jaroslav Romanchuk

Jaroslav Romanchuk

Politician, economist

Belarusian libertarian economist and politician.

Born in 1966.

He graduated from the Minsk State Linguistic University in 1991 and finished postgraduate doctoral studies at the Belarusian State University.

1995–1997 — Worked at the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus as a senior economist at the Commission for economic policy and reforms.

1997–2002 — Economic Observer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Executive Director of the Belarusskaya Gazeta weekly.

2000–2011 — Deputy Chairman of the United Civil Party.

2002–present — Head of the Mises Research Center.

He is the prize-winner of the Atlas Network Sir Anthony Fisher Award 2006, winner of Templeton award 2006, 2007; winner of International Society for Individual Liberty Marshal Bruce Evoy award for promoting liberty in the world (2003).

Romanchuk is participant of numerous conferences both in Belarus and abroad, author of Concept of Pension Reform for Belarus, alternative Budget and Tax system for Belarus, Law on Privatization, law on social security and other pieces of legislation. Chairman of the working group on social economic program of joint democratic forces of the Republic of Belarus (2005–2008).

Lives in Minsk.