Linor Goralik

Linor Goralik


Born in 1975.

1991–1994 — Studied at the University of Ben-Gurion in Beersheva, majoring in Computer Science. She has been working within in IT, firstly as a programmer, later in the field of Internet marketing.

Since 2014 — Editor in chief of the Internet project “Buknik”.

Since early 2000s she is working in Moscow as an author, journalist and business analyst. She has also translated works of Etgar Keret and Vytautas Pliura (with Stanislav Lvovsky), organized several art exhibitions and projects.

Goralik is author of many books of poetry and prose. Winner of the youth prize “Triumph” (2003), scholar of the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Foundation (2016).

Lives in Moscow and Tel Aviv.