Roman Leybov

Roman Leybov


Born in 1963.

1986 — Graduated from the Russian department at the University of Tartu.

1988 — Postgraduate degree from the same department.

1988–1993 — Lecturer, Department of Slavic Studies, University of Tartu.

In 1993 Leibov became senior lecturer of Russian Literature at the department of Slavic Studies, University of Tartu. In 2008 became associate professor.

2000 — PhD, Russian Literature.

Leibov is one of the pioneers of Runet. He is the author of the interactive, hypertext work “ROMAN” (October 1995; programming by Leonid Delitsyn and Dmitry Manin) and the interactive literary game “The Garden of Divergent Hokus” (1997, together with Dmitry Manin), “The Pages of Russian Poet A. Pushkin” (1999).

1998–2000 — led a weekly column “Perpetual Link” in the Russian Journal.

2000–2004 — worked as editor of the “Net-Culture” section in Russian Journal.

Since 1999 — Editor in chief of online publication Ruthenia.

In February 2001 Leibov became the first person to start a “Live Journal” in Russian.

Lives in Tartu, Estonia.