Serguei Parkhomenko

Serguei Parkhomenko

Journalist, publisher

Born in 1964.

1986 — Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University.

1996–2000 — Founded and became editor-in-chief of the Itogi weekly newspaper.

2001–2003 — Editor-in-chief of the “Ezhenedelnyy” (Weekly) Magazine.

2004–2009 — Editor-in-chief at Inostranka and Kolibri publishing houses, Atticus publishing group, and Corpus publishing house.

2009–2011 — the chief editor of the magazine and publishing house “Around the World”.

Since 2013 — one of the activists of the dissertation community.

Since 2014 — one of the initiators and activists of the project “Last Address”.

Lives in Moscow.