Moscow vs Leningrad in the "Musical Ring"

TV Show "Musical Ring"started to air at the "Leningrad television"in 1984. Each episode was divided in two parts: musical performance and questions from the audience. It was one of the most popular shows on Soviet TV. At the "Musical Ring" many of the rock musicians appeared for the first time, e.g. Boris Grebenshikov and "Akvarium", Zhanna Aguzarova and "Bravo". January 7, 1989 the most famous episode was aired in which Moscow ("Zvuki Mu', "Vezhliviy Otkaz" and "Center") battled againsrt Leningrad ("Dzhungli", "|gry"and "AVIA"). In 1990 the show was closed. In the late 1990s the show reopened, but it included mostly pop-stars, such as Alena Apina, Larisa Dolina, Yulian and Mikhail Krug.